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Of Melleh
Almost time for Disneyland! 
14th-Jan-2010 03:19 pm
Melleh - 8D WOOOO

Arriving in L.A on the 21st at 3:50pm C:

This whole trip is called the 'Magical Journey' and consists of all the winners meeting in Sydney and boarding one plane to L.A. Apparently the plane will be Disney themed and there will be a Disney host with us the whole way, but I'm not 100% sure of that.

This is a basic schedule of what we're going to do, and could change anytime (the trip was for Disneyland only but we want to explore!):

Thurs 21st

- Arrive LAX 3:50pm
- Head to Anaheim (transport provided, I think some sort of tour bus)
- Arrive at hotel by Disneyland (Paradise Pier Hotel)
- Explore area if not too tired (I will essentially be staying up all night on the plane, running on Aussie time)

Fri 22nd

- Welcome breakfast 7:30 - 9:30am
- Universal Studios tour, stay as long as it takes to do all the rides and stuff
- Head back to Disneyland to go into the park and spend all night there

Sat 23rd

- Head out to do loads of sight-seeing with keechakatt :D
- Venice Beach/Santa Monica Pier etc
- I want a picture in front of these Beverly Hills signs: link 1, link 2
- Explore Rodeo Drive
- Any other Beverly Hills sights that are cool
- Hollywood walk of fame
- Hollywood sign
- Sunset blvd, Hollywood blvd, etc, which I'm sure we'll explore
- Take picture of deviantart.com headquarters (Hollywood blvd)
- Take picture of the Viper Room club (Sunset blvd)
- I'm ridiculously obsessed with movie and TV locations, so anything you can show us will be awesome! :D
- Head back to Disneyland sometime in the night I think, cause it will be a long day of sight-seeing

Sun 24th

- Full day of Disneyland
- Meeting persiancafe :D
- There is a Scavenger hunt for Magical Journey guests sometime on this day

Mon 25th

- Warner Bros studio tour
- Kodak theatre tour
- Maybe more exploring of Hollywood if we're going to be around the Kodak theatre
- Head back to Disneyland, but probs won't have much park time cause it closes at 8pm

Tue 26th

- Spend morning in Disneyland
- Australia Day barbecue lunch
- Home time :(

Thurs 28th

Arrive home on 28th because of the jump in time XD
14th-Jan-2010 12:42 pm (UTC)

Oh man okay so you definitely HAVE to go on Indiana Jones, Big Thunder (go at night around the fireworks time! OR DURING THE FIREWORKS!), Pirates, and Space Mountain. Those were my favs. :p

And get a spot to watch Fantasmic! AAAAHHH I cried at that show every night.

And aahhhh! WB! ELLEN! Aww I didn't get to go there! But I could see the studios from Universal, haha. Do tell ALL about this. x)

aaaa I'm so excited for you! You are going to love it. C: And you're definitely going to have to go back again, that many days is not enough to see Disneyland and everything!
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